Choices You Have In Granite Worktops

Choices You Have In Granite Worktops

Choices You Have In Granite Worktops
A lot of people prefer installing granite worktops in their kitchens and bathrooms because of its royal timeless looks and elegant design. Being a natural igneous rock, it is available in a variety of colours and patterns. Here at Marble4Life, we provide some of the best quality, first grade granite slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Let us take a look at the popular colours of granite worktops in London:

1. Black- A black granite worktop would exude royal luxury and rich sophistication to your kitchen, adding more substance to the overall design. It is available in various forms depending on the pattern and texture, some of which are- Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, Angola Black, Emerald Black, Black Pearl, Blues In The Night, Nero Cosmos and Honed Absolute Black.
2. Brown- An earthly tone goes well with almost all types of cabinet and floor designs and looks perfect when used in combination with softer creamy tones. We have Baltic Brown, Nero Impala, Cosmic Black, Tan Brown and Sapphire Brown in varying shades of brown.
3. Blue- A slightly blue worktop would make your kitchen look unique and classy. We have Emerald Pearl and Blue Pearl as choices.
4. Cream- Kashmir White being the most popular in this category, Kashmir Gold, Giallo Venezia and Giallo Imperial are also preferred by customers for their soft shades and beautiful textures.
5. Grey- Azul Platino and Steel Grey with custom edge profiles are available for order.

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