How Does A Granite Rock Become A Kitchen Worktop?

How Does A Granite Rock Become A Kitchen Worktop?

How Does A Granite Rock Become A Kitchen Worktop?

Granite is the most widely used worktop material in the United Kingdom, but do you know it is not actually quarried in the UK? The majority of the granite that is imported by the United Kingdom comes from countries like India, China, Africa, Italy and Brazil. These stones are quarried as large rock deposits that are cut and shaped into slabs which are then exported to various countries around the world, UK being one of them. Some suppliers also export complete rocks and later process them in their own factories to save up on the processing fee.

Marble4life is a leading supplier of granite and quartz worktops in the United Kingdom and offers nationwide templating and installation services. After the stones are cut into slabs of varying thickness (2-3 cm) they are stacked up until a customer orders for the particular variety.

Once users like you book an order, professional stonemasons from our staff visit your place and template the kitchen or bathroom counters. The granite slabs are then cut according to your kitchen’s specific measurements usually by special machines to ensure high precision and accuracy in the dimensions of the stone. These are then polished to given the finish desired by the customer and delivered to their respective destination locations.

A qualified team from Marble4life comes at your place and installs the worktop into place. The final step involves the sealing of the stone to close off its pores and make it more resistant to stains and spills.

If you need more information on the topic or wish to get a quick price quotation for premium quality granite worktops in London, call 0186 559 1322.

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