Understanding The 3 Step Granite Fabrication Process

Understanding The 3 Step Granite Fabrication Process

Understanding The 3 Step Granite Fabrication Process
Granite worktops have to travel a long distance from their originating quarries to the factories before they are installed in your kitchens and bathrooms. In one of our last posts we discussed how granite rocks are transformed into slabs; in this post, we would explain to you how these slabs reach you in the form of customized granite worktops in London.

Step 1- Templating

Professional stonemasons come to your place and take accurate measurements of the area where you wish to install the worktop. This work can be done either manually or through machines for extra precision according to the area and the layout of the kitchen.

Step 2- Fabricating

After the measurements are done, the stone is then cut into the required custom design and size at the factory. The drains and sink holed are crafted in the counter and it is given the finish desired by the customer. Polished is one of the most popular worktop finishes for granite for kitchens and bathrooms. Edge profiles are also carved into the stone and it is given its finishing touches.

Step 3- Installation

After the slab is tailored to meet the client specifications, it is then transported to the location of installation with a qualified team of professional stonemasons. They install the worktop while keeping the balance and minor size adjustments in mind. And voila! You have a new granite worktop in your place!

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